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(Updated 22nd October 2011)



DVD to commemorate the Capri 280.


This is a unique and exclusive look at the official Ford Press day photographs taken on the last few days of production of the Capri 280 at the Cologne plant Germany in December 1986.

All pictures have been produced as a moving 'photo-montage' (rostrum style) presentation, together with other images of the Capri 280.

The DVD is professionally narrated throughout and is approved by Ford UK. No other person is auhorised to produce this informative DVD. To date the use of the Ford Press Day pictures has been witheld, so this is truly an opportunity to view the 60 plus official Ford photo's.


It lasts about 15 minutes and shows the Capri 280 being assembled and finally the last one off the assembly line. Plus lots of full colour pictures of Capri 280's that have been re-finished over the past decade or so.

As the very last Capri 280 numerically was not the very last one off the assembly line it's possible, just possible that your very own 280 is the one being assembled in these photographs!!


This DVD will be offered for sale either via this site, or at the Capri Power event at Malvern on 31st July.

The price is a nominal £10 which includes postage - bargain!!


Ford Motor Company has stipulated that only a set amount of DVDs may be distributed and only Capri owners should be the customers.


Once they're gone, they're gone.

NB - there is no video footage of moving cars - this is an historic look at the Press Day photo's but produced in such a way as to imitate movement with style, music and narration.

How to obtain a DVD - just Send Dr Brooklands an email via this site to order your DVD, or catch up with us at Gaydon and Malvern. I'll make sure you don't miss us at the shows. I will see how they go and maybe advertise the DVD on selected Capri websites in the UK and maybe Europe. This is mainly of interest to Capri 280 owners but as it was the last of the 1.8 million Capri's to be built the DVD is offered to all Capri owners.



It makes you think.....

As we draw nearer to the decades of austerity starting in January 2011, I did a quick check on what has happened to the cost of motoring in the UK over the past 10 years. Mainly the costs of fuel. It was eye opening to note that in December 2000 the price of petrol at the pump was 75.6p per litre ( those of us who can recall when petrol was priced per gallon will know that the litre pricing was done to mask the true cost of increases - we were never supposed to do the mental arithmetic of multiplying every increase by 4.56 to get the true cost).

Anyway, petrol stayed in the 70-76p bracket for 5 years, then in 2007 it rose to 103p p/litre. By December 2010 the price of unleaded is now at least 122p /litre. That's a rise of 61% in ten years. Those rises also didn't include the fuel escalator that the Tories imposed ( because clearly we were not paying enough for our fuel - even though the most expensive in Europe!). Now that the Tories/LibConDemServatives are in - guess what? The fuel escalator makes a heroic return, plus the oil increases and yes VAT, making our petrol the most expensive anywhere in the civilised world. The US citizens are balking at paying $2 per gallon! - I wish.

OK why do I mention this? Well, I am amazed we all accept this without the slightest notion as to how we combat it. We are well and truly ripped-off, they know it, we know and they know we do nothing but pay up.

The £10 a gallon price of petrol can't be far off. The rises are not a straight line graph, but will exponentially rise (like energy prices) without control and without a care. If petrol only rises by the same 61% over the next 10 years it will mean £8.90 per gallon. Never thought you'd read that eh?

So, include the fuel escalator and oil and VAT, whatever, and £10 a gallon is knocking on the door.

Enjoy motoring while you can. There has never been a better time to enjoy a classic car, because, as we've seen it only get more and more expensive each successive year. There is no reason for the extortionate pricing other than they know we'll pay. That's how the market works - you price according to what the customer will pay. When they stop paying you drop prices like mad.

As always I am happy to meet your Classic Ford motoring needs for 2011 onwards. It's not all doom and gloom, but neither is it going to get better.

Have a great Christmas everyone. Remember the good old days and the true meaning of this Christmas season, and I don't mean stuffing yourself with turkey and flashing the plastic in John Lewis and Debenhams either!

Always here at the end of a phone for your Capri 280 motoring needs - Ho Ho Ho.............



November 2010 - Recently had an email from a guy enquiring about one of my 280's. I gave him the prices and his reply sort of took me by surprise. He said he couldn't

possibly bring himself to pay 'more than the car cost originally'.

Now I didn't know exactly how to explain to him that most if not all classic cars are worth anything from twice to three times what they were originally, and even up to 20 or 30 times! There's E Type Jags for sale in Newark for £100,000. TR5's for £25,000 etc.

When you think a Capri 280 was listed at 11,999 - and now 24 years later are selling for prices in the region of 15-17k that's really quite low considering the awsome nature of the car - full leather, V6 motor, special paint, LSD axle, low profile tyres and a place in motoring history. Each year we lose more of them, thus making them more attractive and rarer than ever.

I suppose the right answer would have been - ' I think classic cars are maybe not for you..............'




This is why you cannot believe a single word or even a syllable that emanates from

the lips of a politician

29th June 2009.
Government abandons national road pricing scheme

"Not the time to be putting that before the British people," says transport secretary

24th July 2009. MPs call for drivers to take part in 'voluntary' road pricing scheme.

They couldn't even conceal this lie for more than 3 weeks.

The last time I looked I WAS being road priced. Every time I drive I pay 70% tax on my fuel. The

more I drive the more tax I pay. That's road pricing isn't it? Or are we drivers now expected to be

at the forefront of the 'War on Recovery from the Reckless Use of Public Money' yet again?

Don't you just feel that the Cash Cow Piggy Bank of British motorists will be squarely in the cross-hairs of those seedy

Govt ministers who use the Motoring Ready Reckoner to balance MPs coffers everytime they are short, which of course, is


It's that time again when warnings are needed.

Beware fake Capri 280's

If you ever see a Capri advertised anywhere as a 280 or Brooklands always ask the following questions:-

1. When was it registered? - all 280's were completed Dec 1986 and none were regstered before 1987.

2. What is the VIN or at least the last 7 digits? They must begin 'GG' and have 5 numbers after that. If not, - not Brookie.

3. The colour code on the VIN plate must state T7.

This is a pretty sure way to find out who is genuine and who is conning you.

If you know of anyone contemplating a purchase that you think is iffy - point them to this site it'll save them thousands and maybe a Civil Action.


Not only fake Capri 280's but fake wheels and parts are auctioned from time to time.

If you see wheels and tyres or indeed any part that advertised as from a Capri 280 or Brooklands - before you buy check out whether there's a Ford Motorsport stamp on the wheel or Ford logo on the part. I have pictures of just about all parts that are worth bothering with for the 280 - it will save you loads of mis-spent cash. For example, the 15 inch wheel on a Capri 280 will look like this:-

If it doesn't look like this then chances are it's a fake.

Also the tyre fitted will be a Pirelli P7 195x50-15 that looks like this:-

Just send me an email if in doubt and I'll try to help.

BTW - it's a criminal offence to advertise something as genuine which you know is not. Ignorance is not much of a defence, especially if someone has told you the part is fake in advance.

At last an answer to the perennial question that people keep asking me!

"How many Brookies are there left?"

So what is the answer?

I have made enquiries with the only place that has up to date records of such things (correct at 16th June 2009)


Capri 280's taxed at end of December 2008 = 234

Capri 280's currently SORN = 229


So there we have it 463 Capri 280's known to the DVLA

Unregistered = I only know of 3 for certain - can't possibly tell you where they are though...........

So, I hope that settles the matter for most of us?

Now, all I have to do is find all these owners and ensure they are providing sufficient TLC to these rare beauties!

You heard it here first - at the Doctors Surgery.


(This list won't include those 280's abroad inc Ireland)

280's that are scrapped, dead or Cat C and D Ins write-offs are not known.

There are one or two in New Zealand and Oz - if you know of any in Europe give me a shout.

Cars only have to have SORN submitted after 1989 I think - so there's a good possibility that some 280's will be off the road and unknown to DVLA.

I think it's fair to say that around 50% of all 280's are alive today.








New Government scheme - Scrappage

How it works is this. Whatever vehicle you currently own NuLabour will give you a brand

new vehicle in it's place. There's only one snag.....................

Yes, I'm afraid under the new Speed Limit changes you'll have to drive a Hearse. Two reasons

1. It's the only vehicle designed to crawl along the highways at 20mph or less;

2. It will be a fitting tribute the the death of motoring as we know it and the timely passing of



Be afraid, be very afraid............

You won't realise what's happening til it's too late - this hair-brained scheme will be as effective as the last targets they set 11 years ago and in the process devastate our wonderful roadways and travelling in general.


why this picture? Read below.........


European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL). Non elected bureau in EU. April 2009.

Well I did warn you. The New World Order, NuLabours masters, in Europe have sent a decree to British Police to nail as many of us as possible this week. Please don't be shocked or surprised at this speed feeding frenzy of trying to appease our masters in Europe.

Even though Labour will be just a distant memory by the time our roads have been decimated, the damage will have been done and no Tory Govt will reverse this ludicrous 'One size fits all policy'. Look at USA in 1973. They introduced the 55mph limit as a measure to reduce oil consumption when the Oil Crisis began. Funny how 36 years later they still have the limit that was never intended for Road Safety even thought the pressure groups say it was and claim it as their own idea.

Labour has caved and under the direction of the ex-Fireman Jim Fitzpatrick, virtually every speed limit especially on urban and countryside roads (ergo, every road in Britain) will have reduced limits.

The failed policy in 1997 to reduce 50% RTA for children and 40% adult RTAs failed abysmally because they threw everything at Speed, which it turns out is not the major cause of RTAs and fatalities. Not deterred by the facts they cower from EU directives and try to ruin even further our liberties and freedoms by over constraint, over regulation and suppressive controls. All in the name of safety you understand.

First they weren't going to mess with speed limits (Tony Blair 1998)

Then they start to rake in millions a year with Scameras so they meddled with speed limits to lower them where revenues were falling, or should I say speeding was lowered (but wasn't that the aim?)

Anyway, last count the rake in was £100m per year.

Not content with putting a blanket 50mph across the nations free and flowing A roads, they are starting to lay plans for 20mph on the built up areas, or residential areas as they call them. Well apart from Motorways and some rural dual carriageways nearly every road passes through a 'residential area'.

The ex Fire Officer, who must now be an expert on Road Safety (obviously, or else he wouldn't have such a high profile job eh?) and is the Transport Minister, now thinks that the answer to all pedestrian related RTAs is to slow vehicles to 20mph or less.

Now, call me cynical but after driving for 39 years, being a Police Advanced Grade 1 driver, an ex Road Safety Officer and Traffic Cop I think, yes I think, that pedestrian accidents in almost 100% of cases are caused by people walking or running in the carriageway.

If that is the case, and cars are not travelling the pavements and footways, then the problem is people on the roads not cars on the pavement.

If people on the highway is the problem, then apart from banning cars altogether (and I'm not sure that isn't NuLabs ultimate plan) why for pity sake is the solution being aimed at the driver and not the root cause i.e. the Pedestrian?

Could it be that the technology to crush the motorist and get penalties is already here and able to be (mis) used at the drop of a hat? Or could it be that enforcing Jay Walking by errant pedestrians is just too time consuming and non cost effective i.e. can't issue as many penalty tickets?

Either way the upshot is this. National speed limits on perfectly fine roads down to 50mph, built up areas down to 20mph, drivers will get so used to a walking speed kind of driving that 50 mph will seem like a trip to a NASCAR circuit, thus the psychological effect will make crawling and jerking along at less than 20mph seem less awful when we can really open the motor up to 49mph and even consider 2nd or 3rd gear. Whoopdeedoo!

Drivers behave best when they are travelling at appropriate speeds for the road and their vehicle. Fact. Cars have never been safer regarding brakes, visibility and impact crumple zones. Fact. Drivers get justifiably schizoid when treated like idiots and serial killers due to either the actions of a few, or worse the actions of pedestrians and cyclists who breach all codes of safety and common sense but are never the target of Gordon's Storm Troopers.


If you want to prevent pedestrian casualties on our drivers roads, then target the cause - i.e. the pedestrian. Apply the same draconian and relentless policy that is applied to the driver - problem solved and no needless restrictions on the driver, again..........

Of course it's impossible to expect targeted action by this conglomerate of misfits - none of them are 'Fit for Purpose'.

Oh and what happens when the RTA rate increases as it surely will? 10mph, 5mph, 0mph? It's the only logical solution when a crass and sledge hammer policy is aimed NOT at the cause of the problem.

It gets worse - Wait til those little 'lectric, silent killers are silently whirring along the roads causing chaos, batteries going flat on bends corners and crossings and blithely running over people who's last words were, 'I never heard it coming officer............. gasp, splutter' (This assumes that an Officer would actually attend such an event in the future). Not to mention the sting in the tail - that is the cost of your leccy bill, the cost to the carbon output of the country by massive drains on the national grid (see they've even got me talking about carbon now!) And best of all when they've sucked you all in to the leccy car gimmick - watch those bills and incentives go up and disappear respectively. Like they did with the diesel revolution and like LPG is going.

Bottom line. Drivers need appropriate speed limits. Higher on most roads not lower. Reduced outside schools, hospitals and high pedestrian activity maybe.

50mph is bad enough but 20mph will drive everyone nuts but the Govt stats will 'prove' beyond doubt that they saved something from happening somewhere on the road network.

The damage to your engine at low speeds is a known fact, longer to warm up, neat fuel washing the bores, exiting through the exhaust and wrecking your Catalytic converters and pushing more emissions out............. hey Gordo, good plan mate.

Don't believe me? Have a try driving at 20mph or less through every part of your built up area, housing estate, in fact anywhere that is not a dual carriageway - see the chaos it causes, see how your car reacts and see what happens to fuel consumption, engine wear and emissions - not to mention the 'anger' it will introduce to you and other drivers.

Modern vehicles and our roads have never been better or safer. Yet in 2009 we are creating un-natural road hazards called 'Speed moderators' (Traffic Calming - yeah right, how calm do you feel negotiating the minefield of road humps? I drive to the opposite side of the road to avoid them as my daily driver is too low for these monstrous car killers) [sorry where were we?].... such as huge lumps of rubber, plastic or tarmac which wreck tyres, suspension and nerves, thus ruining the highway. Our progress is impeded more by lower limits, higher penalties and the driver is seen as the source of endless punishment and revenue.

21st Century progress? Slower, slower, stop. We've advanced to a state of crawl. The average speed through London 120 years ago was 10mph, it's now 8mph.

Targeting the worst offender has been an option always open to use. But no, NuLab Stasi consider a blanket punishment on EVERY driver from the outset is much better than catching an offender and punishing him/her when necessary.

This will only get worse and worse because not only do they impose wrongly targeted scam/schemes - they never admit they're wrong and refuse to reverse banal restrictions. It takes Local Auth Chief Execs to dump funding Scameras 'as they are no use in Road Safety' (Swindon).

Expect nothing to change for the better - wrong people in wrong jobs metering out wrong policies in the wrong direction.

(This article will go to News and Articles page in a few days, or as soon as the next idiot in Government pops his/her head up with another winner!)

ps don't you wish the Govt had technology to catch poor, inattentive, dangerous, reckless, inconsiderate drivers who really cause RTA's?

Yeah, don't hold your breath. That option is at the bottom of the Govt basket marked 'Too Hard'.

Ed. I make no apologies for devoting major space on my website to this subject - I seem to be saying what a lot of other s are thinking.

I value travelling freedoms and proper safety. There's not a single policy I've witnessed in recent times that gives me any hope for better days ahead. We've lived through the good days of motoring and you can be sure that NuLabour will divest you of the very last drop of enjoyment and freedom whilst at the same time extracting revenue from you for every inch you drive, infringe crazy rules and dare to stop.

What is sad is that you and I will just roll over and let them do it. Government of the people, by the people, for the people? In your dreams...................

"Nanny knows best, there, there".

Dictatorship ethos: 'Constraint, Restriction, Regulation, Suppression and Penalty' sound familiar or did you only just move to StalagGB?

Who was it that said 'when democracy finally fails dictatorship is the only logical step'?

I'm speechless (almost) ...........................

I asked why this picture? Well, Gordon Brown commented recently after the death of David Cameron's son that 'Every life is important', and of course he's right. Now the hypocrisy.

Since NuLabour have been in office, sorry, power (they like that word) Gordon Brown has presided over the slaughter of, wait for it, 1,992,900 young babies in their mothers wombs in the UK.

So when you hear Gordo bleating on about every life important, and 'we must stop deaths on our roads' forget it, he doesn't lose a wink of sleep knowing that 'on his watch' the UK has 'lawfully' butchered more children than were destroyed in the Holocaust.

Plain fact is this - the UK is broke, the Govt has sold us down the river, they need more funds and you can't get that by putting a Cash Camera in the abortion clinics, however you can get 100's of millions from drivers. The morality is clear. There is no morality.




April fuel? you'll wish it was a joke

It's no joke - yet again this Band on the Run Government has gone against the flow, dismissing the voters wishes and they've hiked up motor fuel duty again.

If petrol was given away at the pumps we will still have to pay nearly 80p per litre to the Government light fingered brigade. Still, we're British (not European) and in 2009 we lie down and accept everything this bunch hurl at us.

They don't have to do it, they want to do it, and, as we know, they can do anything they like with your money. I'm guessing some hefty 'expenses' are due in Parliamentary circles and some April Fools have to pay for it. Yup, you and me. Fools we are.........


Just me?


I'm afraid they're at it again, only worse this time. This unbelievable Government is throwing yet another huge blanket at a problem that is caused by a tiny percent of bad drivers. I refer of course to the National Speed Limit being reduced from 60mph, to 50mph.

What will this achieve? Well, it is bound to increase RTA's. Most accidents are caused by poor, aggressive or inattentive drivers. They are not caused by speeding drivers per se. Not even this ludicrous Government and it's pitiful array of Transport Ministers will argue that point. (see my Articles and News page)

As an Ex Traffic Cop and Road Safety Officer and Traffic Management Consultant, I can safely say that trying to reduce still further, inappropriately low speed limits will make the situation worse. Drivers caught in and endlessly winding mobile traffic jam by someone doing 40-44mph along rural roads will be frustrated when they see open roads reduced to a crawl. Result? Normally courteous and conservative drivers will now seek out the slightest passing opportunity and therefore increase risk of conflict. Overtaking will be seen as Anti-social.

Plus, we all know that over-taking on double white lines, on bends, approaching cross roads, junctions etc are the real causes of serious RTA's - including the drugged and drunken drivers.

In 1981,82 and 83 when I was Road Safety Officer there were between 3,100 and 3,400 deaths on the roads of Britain each year - nothing the Government did reduced that figure. Since we now have much better cars, clearer all-round vision, ABS brakes, better tyres and suspension, coupled with road-humps, more road signs, traffic lights and more Speed Cameras than you can count - what is the result? The same number of deaths - perhaps even more so.

Everything the Govt. does to slow us down has a net effect of more congestion, more frustration, even more public alienation (if that ere possible given this bunch!) The real fact is Speed alone is no problem. Every RTA involves speed i.e. if you travel faster than 0mph you are travelling at speed.

Nu Labour have made Speed a swear word. In my experience, poor, aggressive and dangerous driving is the problem. However there is no revenue raising technology to detect that is there? Ah hem, do we smell a rat here?

Tony BLiar said in 1999 that Labour would "not interfere with the current speed limits as they were appropriate" - OK stop laughing will you.

There is a serious case for raising limits on dual carriageways and Motorways. Even raising it on rural roads in a lot of areas.

The latest ruse is to achieve the stealth technology SPECCS etc, to get the infrastructure in place to monitor and charge you for every mile you drive. All average speed cameras have ANPR technology that can ID your car and Registered Keeper. Always look for the Trojan Horse - nothing is what it seems.

They say it's for Road Safety but as we all know even with 6000 fixed speed cameras out there, fatal RTAs keep occurring - thus proof that Speed Does Not Kill - INAPPROPRIATE Speed and bad driving kills.

Quite why the British drivers, the voting public allow these non-driving, hidden agenda, stealth taxation people to keep crushing the spirit of the motorists in the UK I will never understand.

In 5 years time I'll update this blog (which will be archived on my Articles and News page shortly) and I can be pretty confident that the net effect of NuLabours (and probably the copycat Tories if they go along with this scam) ridiculous draconian policy on speed, will be - yup more drivers disqualified, more RTAs bourne out of frustration and the casualty figures will be the same or worse.

Doomsday merchant? Me? No not a bit. I have seen what goes on behind closed doors.

Faceless wonders in Europe throw down a dictat to the puppy dog UK about RTA figures. NuLabour sit up and beg - and create unachievable targets to please the un elected 'hero's' in Brussels. They did this in 1997 when they set out to reduce Child fatalities by 50% and Adult fatalities by 40% - both targets missed completely because they used a big Hammer called the Speed Camera and every nail they hit just picked out the errant, and day to day drivers and hardly reduced a casualty.

The Government approach to Road Safety is like the Government approach to Airport Security - 'don't profile and target the real perpetrators and hit them hard, just blanket frisk everyone and lasergun everything that moves.'

For 30 years I saw how targetting crooks and rogue drivers really worked.

For the last 12 years I've seen how a One Size Fits All approach by NuLabour has caused grief, alienation, frustration amongst the driving public. Also it has ruined the one last bastion of freedom in this nation the freedom to take a drive as a past-time and for Social, Domestic and Pleasure purposes. Remember those quaint words? SD&P. I am so surprised that NuLabour hasn't officially replaced those words with Anti-Social, UnDesirable and Pleasureless driving. Well they've done that in all but name anyhow.

You see some of us don't NEED a car to get back and for to work - some of us enjoy a trip out and we drive appropriately. All we can look forward to now, despite increased technology - better roads etc is a much lower average speed, increase in stress levels and more man made obstructions on our journey. So much for progress.

Motto - "if you cannot set realistic targets - just keep throwing a bigger and heavier blanket over the situation until you get a result". Nu Labour 21st Century.

Ed's note: Yes I'm afraid I belong to the most persecuted and discriminated against group in Britain. White, male, married, Small Business owning, Christian believing, heterosexual, tax-paying motorist, er, with savings................

In many years of Internet useage I've never, ever had such cause to give vent to spleen as I have since 1997 - go figure.

Just popping out in the old TwinTurbo for a blatt - Oh no, Carbon Footprint, global warming, climate change, coast erosion, depletion of the natterjack toad......................

ps just read about the Traffic Cop in Merseyside who stopped a driver last week for, wait for it, 'Laughing too much at the wheel'. The driver was on handsfree phone and laughing at a friends conversation - I did tell you there would be an offence of Grinning with Intent didn't I? Trouble is I was joking. Beam Me Up!

pps - before anyone rushes to judgment over this editorial - after 15 years of Traffic Patrol I have probably dealt with more RTAs and fatalities than most people visiting my website - so I do know what I'm talking about and I know the real causes of collisions.



Competition - no prizes (not in this game!)

Ever wondered why you, the British driver feel as if the motorist is the most hated form of UK citizen? Ever wonder why you are penalised at every turn?

Ever stop to think why only 5% of the billions you pay each year in road taxes goes back to road improvements? Did it occur to you that the answer lies in the common denominator below:-

What do all these people have in common?

Well? Clue - did you ever see one of these driving a car? No? OK getting warm.

At least 4 of these never bothered to learn to the basic rudiments of driving let alone take a test, never pulled up at a fuel pump to mutter the words, 'Look at the price of petrol' - so couldn't relate to you or me in any conversation about the cost of motoring, let alone say 'We know how the motorists feel'............

Everyone of these either can't drive, couldn't drive, won't drive - and ALL are/were involved in Transport Policies for the UK motorist at some point in their careers. All either hate cars, drivers (except their money) and none have done anything to ease the relentless attack on our motoring costs. Byers, Dunwoody, Livingstone, Brown, Ladyman and Cameron. Do you think it's a coincidence that each time Transport Policy is under review there's a Car Hater at the helm? Well, if you did, you don't now.

Until we get a real driver, who understands and even enjoys motoring (instead of just dipping into motorists pockets) I'm afraid we are going to be hung out to dry. Don't expect sympathy - you are seen as a source of revenue. And in keeping with the car hating theme we now have Geoff Hoon - the new Sec of State for Transport - ushering in Road Pricing at break-neck speed (even though his predecessor Ruth Kelly gave up the idea )

I only posted this to take your mind off the fact that petrol just went up 9p a gallon despite the recession.

I will move this to my Articles and News section within a few days - if 'they' don't get me beforehand..................

Petrol will never decrease in price under the Tories - not even if oil went down to $10 a barrel!!!

It's a 'see-saw' fuel duty that says 'when oil is lower we'll put the fuel duty up - and when oil is higher we'll drop the duty a tad. Either way you motoring suckers will pay and pay dearly................

Tory answer to your high petrol bills - announced 6th July by George Osborne - Tory shadow Chancellor - "The plans, unveiled by shadow chancellor George Osborne yesterday, would link fuel duty levels directly to oil prices – so as fuel prices rise, duty decreases.

Osborne said if the ‘fair fuel stabiliser’ had been implemented in the last budget, duty would currently be 5p lower. (Um, diesel would be £1.32 a litre instead of £1.37 - Oh heck you are too generous me old mate - what we want is that crippling duty reduced by about £25 p a litre NOW)

“It’s a common sense plan to bring stability to public finances and help the environment by making the price of carbon less volatile,” he said.

Graeme Leach, chief economist and head of policy at the Institude of Directors (IoD), indicated Osborne’s proposals were unrealistic.

Now is it just me or is this con of gigantic proportions? Look at it. As oil prices surge - the fuel duty slides down. As oil drops the fuel duty soars back up. Now call me cynical but either way we pay the same high prices with NO chance of petrol ever getting lower priced again.

Logic says that if petrol is £2 a litre and the price of oil goes up, then instead of the pump price going to say, £2.25 per litre (yes I'm not kidding) - the duty level would drop by perhaps a similar amount. Thus making the price of petrol remain a ridiculous £2 per litre.

Using the same see-saw scale - if oil prices dropped drastically then the fuel escalator would kick in and the fuel duty would rise from about £1.25 per litre to say £1.50 a litre making the drop in oil invisible to the motorist. Taken a step further if oil dropped to zero dollars a barrel - then instead of petrol being about 60p per litre it would still be £2 because the Tory fuel duty would rise to the opposite extent that oil dropped.

What I'm saying is it's a lose lose situation for us because the Government will always counter balance oil / fuel / duty etc.

Hey Mr Osborne - thanks but er, no thanks. We understand your DelBoy initiative and we laugh at it.




Capri 280's any point? Yes, believe it or not - people are still wanting one, still contacting me and not letting the below mentioned stuff scare them off completely. People are feeling the pinch but still not letting the squeeze stop them from enjoying life with a classic Ford.

My last sale was the G Reg 280 - sold to a hard working guy up north. Decided that he wanted the car he always promised himself and he's a happy bunny. A super car that can return 31-32 on a run in style - can't be bad eh?

Read on and you will get depressed but once you are, have a strong cup of coffee and then make sure they don't grind you into the ground!!


When your car tax goes up to £400 a year pretty soon, bet you wish you had a pre-2001 car to drive eh? Still, at least you'll sleep safe in the knowledge that this Govt will spend 9 million x £400 wisely and 'save the world'. Yeah, Wolverines make good house pets too............................. I mean surely Labour wouldn't lift even more cash out of your pockets for dubious and spurious causes would they?




Latest - OIL June 2008 - is expected to hit $250 a barrel fairly soon - that will mean £2.30 per litre in the UK. Never thought it could happen did you? Who would have said that the past 2-3 years were 'the good old days'? Not me. But there's a lot of players out there all fixing and manipulating markets. The speculators have done their worst with the financial markets hence the credit crunch - now they are gambling on oil futures hence there's panic and increases even when there's no actual change in the supply or demand.

It's fast approaching a time when to travel will be a past time of the seriously rich and the rest of us will have tin cans occupying our driveways and garages. It's a bit depressing but that's about it.

There worst part I suppose is this - the crooks in the treasury take 70% of every tanful of petrol as tax. They spend or squander it away of many different things, mainly failed computer systems, propping up excess management structures in organisations and education establishments. Which means this. The British driver is now using 20% less fuel due to crippling costs so the exchequer is getting 20% less tax. Getting the picture? What will the Cash Guzzler Darling do when his ATM (the motorist) is down on funds? Well you work it out.

They want us supposedly to drive less, use less oil / fuel etc. But when we do they get less tax to fund scandalous schemes. Outcome? You guessed it. If we do what they want, and spend less at the pumps coz we are being crushed, then they get less income and will hit us again somewhere else. And once we get hit elsewhere, it won't matter if oil reduces because the extra taxes will just stay. Bit like the price of chips at the chip shop - spuds were in short supply one year in the 80's - so up went a bag of chips from 30p to 85p. Spuds got plentiful later but chips stayed high. So it is with this oil / fuel / tax on motoring.

Who will get us out of this? Labour? Tories? The choice my friend is Hobsons. It's like being asked if you prefer to be assaulted by Mike Tyson or Evander Holyfield - who you going to choose?

Enjoy your car while you can - won't be long that's for sure.

The £10 gallon is just round the corner and I recall when we protested at 87p per litre - happy days.


You can escape the coming financial crash and the economic disaster helped along by 'Prudence' Brown and his bunch of £100 grand a year (without expenses and Gold Plated pensions) cohorts.

Here's how:-

1. Don't buy food

2. Don't have a mortgage

3. Don't drive

4. Don't heat your water or your home

5. Don't fly

6. Don't use public transport - esp trains

There - saved you a fortune - no charge for this advice.................. Oh yes, nearly forgot, whatever you do, do NOT grow old in Britain.



Yup it's a crisis. Crude hits $135 a barrel May 2008. The 200 dollar barrel is not too far away. Britain is fast becoming a 3rd world entitiy. Hardly any influence and bidding against the new economies of China and India. We cannot sustain our use of oil. Petrol prices will go through the roof and we will look back on 2008 as a time of, er, cheap fuel prices.

Why keep mentioning this? Like I said dozens of times before. Classic cars will be ornaments before too long - read the headlines and the small columns. Our fabulous Capri's will soon be thought of as unsocial and everyone will be expected to drive an electric food mixer. Not because it saves the planet, but because we just won't be able to afford petrol.

Answer? I actually do not know. All I can say is - if you want a classic Ford the only time to buy and enjoy one is now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but now. This is not doom and gloom it's fact. The upside is your wallet will not be weighing you down quite as much as in previous years.



Who is a buyer and who is a dreamer?

There are a number of good indicators as to whether you are a buyer or a wishful thinker. Sometimes it helps to know. I have seen the signs over the years. Here's a few pointers that will see which camp you fall into:-

You know you'll never buy a Capri 280 when:- (I have proved every one of these points except number 10)

1. You send emails only and never make a phone call to discuss the car.

2. You say you'll come and see the car but never do.

3. You are only concerned with the price.

4. You don't spend many waking hours and sleeping hours thinking about the car.

5. You consider also looking at Escorts, MGs and Audi's.

6. You think 100 miles is too far to travel to test drive.

7. You wait longer than a week to make your mind up.

8. You are thinking of importing to your country.

9. You consider it's a toss up between double glazing, a new kitchen or a Capri.

10. You work for Northern Rock!

So how did you fair? If more than 2 of the above apply to you - then you are not a buyer. There, just saved us both a lot of time.


A Buyer on the other hand is one who:-

1. Has the budget to meet his/her dreams.

2. Is aged 40 plus

3. Businessman, usually.

4. Just had an insurance payout, shares cashed in or can't stand Euro-shaped tin cans.

5. Always promised himself one of these for the last 15 years.

6. Can't stop thinking about it.

7. Visits my website at least 7 times a week.

8. Has pictures of a 280 as screen saver or wall paper

9. Just promised to take the family / wife on a smashing holiday or get the new kitchen as well

10. Able to convince himself and the wife that this is a form of investment. Well, he actually doesn't need convincing...............


Ticked more than 3 of these? Sorry you're hooked give us a call.


(If you think this is made up, think again - the chap who bought my G Reg said he looked at the list, ticked off more than 3 and rang me to say "I'm hooked" and he bought the car)



Turbo Technics to re-release their legendary F9, & F26 kits for the 2.8i - 280 Capri !!

Here's the deal:

Turbo Technics have said if they get 10 orders, with a 20% deposit for each kit they will re-produce them. I'm not certain of the pricing - but I did hear 'less than 3 grand' - better ring Hamish or Sales at Turbo Technics.


This is the press release from Turbo Technics:-

"This kit is identical to the famous kits we produced in the 80's and 90's which when fitted to the new Capri's would make 200bhp.

Producing power at high speed is relatively easy, but the aim of the development programme was to build an engine which would also produce a high level of torque from very low speed. The key to achieving this is the exhaust manifold and Turbo Technics design expertise has produced a technically advanced pulse separation configuration, using a single turbo. In conjunction with the carefully matched Garrett T3 turbocharger, excellent low speed response is achieved, with minimal turbo lag.

The resulting engine not only gives exhilarating performance, but does so in a totally fuss-free manner, with no perceptible transition to "boost" conditions. Economy is virtually unaffected, and an effective intercooler in conjunction with a carefully integrated system ensures a very high degree of reliability, for which Turbo Technics have established a trend-setting reputation.

The kit uses the standard compression ratio and runs with standard transmission and consists of a T3 turbocharger, manifold, intercooler, vacuum capsule, fuel enrichment air cone block, oil feed and return pipes, cross pipe and a down pipe from the turbo as well as all the pipe work and clips to plumb everything in. The only part not included from the original kit is the complete exhaust system see fig13 in drawings.

The Turbo system can be fitted in a few days by any competent DIYer and does not need to be carried out by specialists. However, it is important that the engine is in good mechanical condition before the kit is installed, especially if it has covered high-mileage."

Engine Power Output.
Maximum power = 200BHP (149Kw) @ 5,500r/m
Maximum torque = 247 Lbf-Ft (320Nm) @ 3,800r/m

Typical Performance Figures
Capri 200BHP
0-60 ml/hr 6.5
0-100 ml/he 14.8
Max speed 143 ml/hr on the standard final drive

Your order will be taken with a 20% deposit. Please call Turbo Technics sales department on 01604705050 for further information

Turbo Technics
2 Sketty Close
United Kingdom

Tel: 01604 705050
Fax: 01604 769668

Ed: Dr B has owned 4 Turbo Technics Capri 280's and they are without a doubt the most stunning drive ever! If only Ford had put this conversion on as standard......... but then everyone would have one wouldn't they?


Original diagrams:

Don't know quite how to arrange a Group Buy of at least 10 units but I guess if enough interest is shown they'll be swamped with orders. Pass this on to all your Capri nutters out there.

Remember Norman Bates would have a kit - how is that for a recommendation?




FUEL PRICES - MORE INFO TO DEPRESS YOU - This is the way that the Government fleeces you every day.


Link to Petrol Prices.com


The Last Capri 280 ever built


Did you know - that the first Capri 280 ever built was stolen and never recovered?

Did you know that Ford Europe kept the last one made Reg Number D194 UVW and it's in Gaydon plant today?

Did you know that the engine/chassis number of the last 280 ever made has the unique number GG11896?

Did you know that the last Capri 280 ever to be registered is a G REG and is featured on my website?

Did you know that the last 280 to physically roll off the assembly line in Cologne is NOT considered to be the last one ever made.

It is official that the last one ever made is final chassis number GG11896.

Even if you have the work ticket that is time and date stamped as the last one off the assembly line - unless it is GG11896 it just ain't the official last one.

Any doubts? Call the Doctor!

Just thought I'd put this on in case anyone tries to offer you the 'last one ever built'.

There are still at least 3 Capri 280's in England that have not been registered. I know the towns where they are but that's all I can say.



Imminent war in Middle East - all indications are that a huge conflagration in the Middle East will kick of fairly soon. This will have devastating effects on lives, the economy and for all us petrol heads - the price and supply of petrol, heating oils etc.

Only mentioning this as we often think we are an Island and what goes on a couple of thousand miles away doesn't really affect us.

I have numerous up to date links on the political and military positioning in the M.E. if anyone wants the links.


Road Pricing and the Spy in your Car click here

As predicted over 3 years ago on this site - the government plans to give police access to all camera and private individuals road journeys. That means exactly what we told you - as soon as nationwide road pricing comes in every scrap of privacy goes out the window and govt. agencies and departements, CSA, DWP, Soc Services, Customs & Revenue, VAT, Specail Branch, MI5, MI6 etc will all have potential to know exactly where you went, with whom, what time, where you stopped and how fast you did it all!!. Good to know 'they' care about you so much................... click here



1. What happens when an executive gets fed up with the Company Jag?? Click here to find out


2. UPDATE May 2008: Who's got the only G Reg then or should I say who's got it now?? click here to find out

3. Want to find the Build number of your Capri 280? Just click on BUILD CALCULATOR in the menu above - put in the 5 digits that appear after the letters GG in the engine or chassis number - click 'Calculate' and there you are! This is the only site in the world offering you this facility.


4. Ever heard of the 419-ers? No thought not. They are the overseas scammers who target a lot of people selling classic cars in the UK. In their extreme ignorance they think that if you own a classic car you are desperate for cash and will therefore fall prey to their infantile and zero IQ scams. Started by Nigerians but any number of morons from other nations try it on. There's even a website set up by folk to Bait the Scammers and cause them no end of problems! What great sport if you have the time.

You will know their emails because they refer to your advert in a sort of generalised fashion such as ' I am very interested in the car - please give me the firmest price and I will get my agent to contact you very soonest' etc etc.They have no idea about the car they don't care about your car. It's a means to an end. They want you to give bank details - they promise to send you a deposit - then when you've banked it they want you to return the deposit on promise of the full amount. (they won't even have seen the car or shown any true interest in it). When you send back the deposit you find that their money was fraudulant and you are out by thousands of pounds.

How do you deal with them? Simple. You reply to their email without disclosing anything about yourself, your car or your name. You ask for a UK tel number, a post code and their full name. It never comes. To add weight to this you can say that you will pass the email to Interpol if no reply within 12 hours. Always works.

Their emails have a plausible looking name but nearly always are on a Yahoo account with numbers after the name. The wording is bland and generic and always refers to money, banks and shipping. Time of day is usually early hours of the morning GMT. Spelling of words like 'check' instead of cheque are dead give aways. You have been warned.

A good link to see what's happening is this Internet Fraud and 419 scammers


5. Oil Crisis? Think we'll be driving forever? Think you can afford it? What about the 'Spy in Your Car'? Click here

Remember you read it here first - I told you that the Tories would bring back the fuel escalator tax so that no mstter what price fuel was the tax would rise exponentially. Well, now the other tax 'em til it hurts ruffians are saying they will maintain the price of petrol artificialy by claiming the difference between reduced petrol costs and the existing price of petrol by calling it a green tax. In other words petrol drops 10p due to low crude prices and Labout Govt - keep the price of fuel at the same price anyway and keep the difference. I think they call it robbery, fraud, scamming or something like that. I believe we voted these clowns in to represent the majority didn't we? Well they are pandering to the greenies and conning us left right and centre regarding the Global Warming con and other similar tax scams. Look out pockets they getting emptier by the week.


6. Road pricing - the new way to print money for failed Government schemes and projects CLICK HERE


Not just me talking about this - me and 1.8 million others CLICK HERE


7. Read that The Conservatives will re-introduce the Fuel Escalator Tax on petrol. No worry - all it means is that it will be set at 3% above inflation each year, so that if inflation is, say, 3% then petrol TAX will go up by 6% a year each year, every year and NEVER come down again - even if they gave petrol away for nothing the government would still be around 80-90p per litre.

So now you know who to vote for next time around? Glad you do coz I don't. It seems the motorist is yet again seen as the ointment that will cure all the financial ills of poor governments. Governments are elected by the people to represent ALL the people not just key, loud pressure groups.

Way to go to be PM CMD! (Call Me Dave) follow the greenies and the pressure groups - get your extra votes and then stay in opposition. We thought we could rely on a new opposition to come up with something better than Lib Left Weak green stuff. We see the trick here - drop direct taxes slightly then take it all back and more with indirect taxes.

The rich of the nation will not curb their spending on fuel. The poorer ones will go slowly broke trying to pay all the taxes and nothing will change globally except the coffers of the chancellors office.

Now he's attracted the Green Vote, just wait for the next 'vote'. CMD will offer petrol credits for all single mothers and same sex couples who are having IVF, want men to conceive & drive pink cars with sequinned air-bags........... I'm going for a lie down....................

At least Attila the Hun would have driven a Hummer on Nitrous - as long as we ignore the rest of his behaviour. Ah no, he 'sacked the Roman Empire (i.e. the EU) didn't he? hmm.................







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