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christians against poverty

A startling proclaimation about the U.K. - at last we are the best in Europe!!

Well, let me qualify that. The UK owns 2/3 of all the credit card debt of the whole European Union!!

So for everyone who thought we were just top of the binge drinking, teenage pregnancy, youth offending, speed camera, and corrupt politicians league - you can add another accolade now.

Why mention this here? It's because instead of moaning about it - a guy called JOHN KIRKBY put his money (or lack of it) where his mouth was and founded Christians Against Poverty.

The article below from the Times newspaper really sums it all up.

CLICK here or LOGO


With the chance to change people’s lives, and in some cases save lives, it’s hardly surprising that staff working for Christians Against Poverty (CAP) put the debt counselling charity at the top of our list for the second year running.

Many of the people the charity helps have been forced to miss meals, feel that debt has led to the breakdown of their relationships, and have even considered suicide. The organisation’s role is to work out a realistic budget and negotiate affordable payments on the client’s behalf, or even help people face up to insolvency or bankruptcy.

Employees rank CAP first in five out of our eight staff survey factors and the organisation has achieved the best results in 23 out of the 54 statements. Its workforce says profit is not driving the organisation, giving a 95% positive score, agree that work is not driven by a desire for good publicity (90%) and feel proud to work for the charity (96%) — all top scores.

Founder and international director John Kirkby started CAP in 1996 in a bedroom with a £10 donation after overcoming his own debts. “I’ve tasted both worlds, I know what it is like to go without food, and I was the first CAP client,” he says. “I decided that I wanted to commit the rest of my life to helping people in the same situation.”

Most clients (90%) are not Christian and employees in the charity make up a broad church, encompassing 23 denominations. Staff members feel they can make a difference in the organisation (89%), say that working with colleagues gives them a buzz (88%) and think that the charity makes a positive difference to the world (99.5%, the top score nationally).

CAP now has offices in Australia and New Zealand, with a new centre opening in Canada within the next year.

Kirkby says the vision is to have 1,000 centres and be in every main town and city in the UK by 2021.

Staff find the leadership, headed by chief executive Matt Barlow, inspiring. Barlow spends time in each department on a regular basis and socialises with his teams too. In fact, all new staff members are invited to his home for a welcome meal.

“We don’t have an ivory tower type of management watching over their minions,” says senior designer Claire Cowles. “They’re always outside their offices getting a feel of the working environment, injecting fun and doing everything possible to destroy that sense of hierarchy.”

Staff give Barlow a 98% score for running the organisation based on sound moral principles, have confidence in the senior management team (94%) and believe that senior managers truly listen (93%) — again all top scores.

Despite rapid growth, the organisation works hard to maintain a family-like atmosphere where friendship is just as important as work. A “smile fund” has been set up where employees can nominate help for colleagues who are undergoing some form of hardship. The CAP workforce feels a strong sense of family and says colleagues go out of their way to help each other, giving 90% scores for both statements. They also agree teams are fun to work with (94%).

“Everyone is on the same wavelength,” says Simon Wilce, head of debt management. “We’re so passionate about what we’re doing, no one is on a different page to anyone else.”


A word from Dr Brooklands:

"I have seen CAP in action and the work they do is phenomenal. They have been voted "Best UK small company to work for" Two years running.

There's not a community in the UK that hasn't been visited by debt. Out of the 2-300 hundred people who visit my site each day I can be certain that a fair proportion of visitors are experiencing some form of financial slow down or reversal or they know someone who is.

My strong recommendation is to click on the link above and read about CAP. Please refer a friend or family member to CAP. It's a Charity and non-profit making.

This makes a pleasant change from talking about corrupt politicians doesn't it?"






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