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History of this site............................................history of the 280 coming soon

Welcome to my new-look Capri Brooklands 280 site. This is an opportunity to tell you about my cars, and about "Keeping the Legend Alive".

If you're on this site it's because you are a Capri lover. If you go to my For Sale page it's maybe because you're in the market for a Capri 280. If you see my current car(s) you will probably want to buy it - that's OK.

Ever since they arrived in the UK the Capri 2.8 Injection and subsequently the Capri 280 have captivated the heart, mind and soul of drivers of all ages. I drove the very first Capri 2.8 to arrive in the UK; it was a Ford Motor Company demonstrator - aimed for the Motoring Press. It was a beast! Blueprinted engine, 4 speed gearbox and would do in excess of 150 mph. The registration number was VVW6W, has anyone still got that one or the five others that came with it?

In 1996 I got a 2.8 injection, all white colour coded. It was beautiful. Then in 1988 I bought my first Brooklands. It was owned by Specialised Engines of Thurrock, Essex. They had supercharged it and used it as a demo vehicle for 6 months. Then with the original engine plonked back inside I bought it with 8,000 miles on the clock. 90,000 miles later, I sold it locally and it has been restored by the current owner Ken Baker.

We had a Brooklands Day Out in 1999 when 3 of us went for a cruise around the countryside of South Wales and Hereford. I have owned everyone of these cars now! In fact I've owned every Brooklands in the locality. No wonder I'm known as Dr Brooklands.

The Capri 280 was originally going to be the Capri 500. Ford even made the decals for the 500 cars - then someone remembered they had 1038 body shells left, so guess what? Yup - 1038 Capri 280's were made.

Up to date in 2006 I've owned 17 of these cars and I still love 'em. I nearly always have a pristine 280 in my garage, and nearly always someone turns up and makes me sell it. At least I'm doing my bit for 'The Legend'.

Did you know Ford never sold these 280's outside the UK? They also made only RHD models with manual transmision. There were around 130 Turbo Technics models made in the Capri range -but how many were 280's - I'm not sure. I've owned three Turbo 280's. Currently I have an original 240 bhp Turbo Technics - see For Sale page to whet your appetite.

I hope you like the pictures and the site generally. It's currently the number one hit in the search engines on the Internet. My cars are usually the prettiest 280's in the land.

If you want to find or sell a Brooklands 280 - just click here or 'Your Capri 280' button and send me your details.

Visit my gallery of images, and sit back and enjoy these classic machines, or email me for more details.

Going to refresh this section in due course.





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