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Welcome to Brooklands 280.com




Capri 2.0S see Wanted page for details





Update August 2021

I have a number of people wanting a Capri 280. Condition must

be A grade. Mileage and owners low.

Please email me if you are selling such a car. Thanks

Originally set up to exclusively promote the Capri 280. After 30 odd years 50 Capri's and 37 Brooklands Capris I've slowed it down

now to my own personal and private collection.



CAPRI 280 FOR SALE TODAY = 0 see For Sale page


CAPRI 2.8 Injection FOR SALE TODAY = 0







UPDATED Febraury 2021






Question - what do you call a Capri 280 that is not green and does not have full Recaro


Click here to find out



Help needed to find an old 'friend' - see Articles and News

(the Capri's are selling before coming to site these days see For Sale page for latest 280

to come and almost go before I could go to press)



Capri 280s WANTED.

Hi folks I am looking for Capri 280's with very low miles. Need a sub 9,000 miler and a sub 3000 miler. Please contact me via this website. A finders fee of £300 for the right car purchased by me will be payable.

I am happy to advertise your 280 for sale on this and several other sites. There is a commission on final sale figure. Contact me to discuss many thanks

For Parts and Parts Wanted go to For Sale page.



40th Anniversary - Capri

Brooklands Museum is host the one of the largest ever gatherings of Ford Capri - does the Legend

Live still? Ooooh yes!!

click here for some pics

Fake Capri 280's? - click here

Fake Capri 280 wheels and parts? click here


Ever wondered where your old 280 has gone? So do a lot of folk - check here and see if you know where they are now

"WHERE ARE THEY NOW?" click here

News Flash!

Found it at last - the number of 280's on record as being still in existence.

see Articles and News page for details!!




Capri 280 PARTS? click here


check out the new link to C.A.P - a brilliant help in the fight against poverty

What a refreshing change to see a business that only exists to help people out of financial crisis. This is the only charity Dr Brooklands is recommending. Link on the right of this page.













GOLD 2007

SILVER 2007 (only because CCI couldn't give 2 Gold Awards at the same event !!!)


Capri 280 - What's the point? Click here and I'll tell you!



Valuations - what is your 280 worth? - click here


I am often asked if I can supply 'project cars. In the past I never considered such a thing (afterall, one mans project is another mans basket case.) However, I believe there is merit in such a notion.

Anyhow, you could well see some Capri 280's that are pre-finished (just another way of saying a project) in other words you do the graft and you end up with the fruits of your own labour.

A second option is for you to buy the car 'pre-finished' and then commission Dr B to do the work to the usual show standard.

Either way it's another couple of methods of owning one of the Legends of all time.

Watch this space and I hope to add a few more pages dedicated to PYO - 'Pick Your Own' Capri 280's!!

In fact let's hear from you regarding what sort of project you might like and what your budget would be - just use my Contacts page and I'll put you on my list.

My next car is already here and being made ready for some fortunate person......................



Please register your interest, needs and budget via my

Contacts page







All pics Copyrighted.



Don't get me started on the new batch of Revenue Raisers in the form of Super Gatso number plate and face identifiers. Plus the ones they will be putting into Cat Eyes to really mug you!! OK then, get me started......


Have a listen to the new Government Speed Camera Safety announcement by clicking the images.






Road Pricing - another day, another tax! click here or the logo to read
some more stuff





A collection of pictures of past and present Capri 280's. Let me know if you want your 280 to appear in the 'Your Capri 280' section - once the form is live you can submit your entry. In the meantime you can email me the stuff in the normal way with some pics.


view the new gallery here


So what's new?

Well, there's a much better photo Gallery of my past and present 280's.

There is a new 'Your Capri 280' section that will allow you to submit some details and stories with pictures of your very own 280 - (input page still not live yet - nearly ready)

There's an Events page that will give details of any motoring event that is likely to include the Capri 280 or else a Capri in some shape or form.

There will be a smarter For Sale Cars and Parts section and Wanted section So you can advertise your own 280 for the sum of £50 for as long as you want. This fee reflects the fact that this site is the top site in the world for selling or buying a capri 280 and if you want to participate in the success story then let me know!. This site is dedicated to the 280 and all my visitors are Capri 280 enthusiasts. Could there be a better place to sell?

Plus the usual Tips for Selling (inc. the nightmare of time wasters) and the Etiquette of Describing your 280

I know some of you like technical data and specifications etc, so, rather than make this site overloaded with blurb, I will provide links via the Links page to sites that offer data on the Capri 280, Turbo Technics etc.

Don't forget the great Insurance savings via Adrian Flux - check it out today.

Update March 2009 - after 4 replacement units in less than 2 years and continual issues with mapping and 'mislaid' items I sent I can no longer recommend Indago or Syrius by Performance Products.

So, enough for now - I'll keep you posted as the site develops.

Welcome back everyone and thanks to all those who've previewed the site.

About us

Brooklands280.com the website was started by me about 10 years ago. The site was set up as a hobby. It soon progressed to become the top site for pictures and advice about Capri 280's with hits from all over the globe.

When I decided to sell my first 280 in June 1996 (which I owned for 8 years) I realised there were many folk out there who were searching for a fabulous Capri 280 and who didn't want to spend months making it look great. Enter Dr Brooklands!

I have owned and shown many of my privately owned Capri 280's in the past 10 years and still the message is the same - people absolutely adore my cars. Plain and simple.

Due to the popularity of the private website and the pristine cars, Brooklands280.com now works with Capri The Legend Lives, a small, new company to promote the ever increasing awareness of (and accessibility to own) a Capri 280.

Based in South Wales but covering the whole of the UK, as of April 2006 I can assure you of a fairly regular stock of exquisite Capri 280's for sale. These will be limited in number as I take time to prepare each to ensure near enough show condition cars (mostly exceeding show condition). Just check the For Sale section.

Quote of the month:- "Our local hospital is mowed out - 100 people with sore necks!!" - Simon, new owner of a Dr Brooklands G reg 280.

"This bloke on a motorbike followed me and flagged me down, I thought he was gonna mug me until he lifted his visor and said, "Nice set of wheels mate!" - Tim Dr Brooklands Capri owner.


Date site last updated August 2021





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