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Probably the best Capri 280's in the world..............

Unregistered CAPRI 280's

People sometimes ask me about the Unregistered Capri 280's that are around. Well, what can I say?

All I know is I was offered one about 3 years ago. The guy bought it for retirement nest-egg purposes. It was expensive and I nearly went halves with a friend a bought it, until......................... well until we both scratched out heads and asked the inevitable question "What do we do with an unregistered Capri 280"?

It is a car that can't be driven, can't be taxed or MOT'd, in fact it can't be a 'car' we concluded. So we left it alone.

It can be a Trailer Queen, taken to shows on a trailer, carefully placed in a field then trailered home again. But it can never be driven.

But, I hear you say, it can always be registered then driven. Ah ha! Then it ceases to be unregistered and it's intrinsic value drops instantly. Catch 22 - keep it forever in a building or put plates on it and treat it like Ford meant it to be. Hmm...... a tuffie.

So if you want an ornament, clearly the Unregistered Capri 280 is the way to go. A museum or 'dry' storage is the place for the car.

I know of at least 3 unregistered 280's, one is a Turbo Technics and the other 2 are not. I know where they are but not the exact addresses, only the towns.

There's probably only three 280's I ever wanted to own. The first one off the assembly line, the last one off the assembly line and the last one ever registered.

Well, the first one built was apparantly stolen or written off. The last one is owned by Ford and they won't sell it to me ( I asked!).

And the last one ever registered?................................................. watch this space as they say!






A note to overseas viewers - If you intend to buy my Capri 280 be prepared to provide a current landline telephone number, zip code and a previous UK transaction I can verify. Failing that, all details are passed to Interpol Fraud Unit.

# I will always respond to your email or text - but I will have to speak with you personally on the phone after the first email or text message. I have responded to many enquirers and found that after the first text or email I sometimes get no replies - so, a chat it is then! No phone call - then no more correspondence. Sorry, but if you cannot speak on the phone then there is no point in progressing negotiations. This is just a way of sorting the 'fisher's from the true anglers!!

In the last week or so I have had several people contact me by email stating they want to buy a 280 and when I insist on a telephone conversation they disappear. If you aren't prepared to speak then you will never buy a Capri 280 from me. So please decide before you email me. Thanks



Here's a thought - ever wondered what a Capri 280 is worth?

I hear some funny things about the prices of Capri 280's - certainly since I started this website.

Well the table below might help put things in perspective a bit.

In 1987 Ford dealers were told to sell the Capri 280 for £11,999. Some 280's sold for that but the showrooms didn't move a whole lot at that price. So dealers were allowed to sell the 280 for 9600 for a limited period. They moved a lot quicker then!

So what's my point? The value of the 280 in 1987 was £11999 - look at what the 280 would cost in the dealers today 2007.

cost of a Capri 280 = £11999
special offer £9600
equivalent cost of a Capri 280 = £24,055
special offer £19,063

The cost of living, inflation etc means that the equivalent value of a Capri 280 is about £24,000. Now translate that into what a Dr Brooklands 280 is worth. If you pay between 10k and 15k for a fully restored, like new 280 you are getting a car for just over half what you'd have paid a dealer back in 1987.

O.K. not brand new, but very nearly - new paint, wheels re-furbished, leather re-Connollised - stunning classic Ford - now is that good value or what?



A few folk have asked if I provide warranty's for my Capri 280's. Well in short the answer is no. However......

Reason number one is it's nigh on impossible to find any underwriter to supply a meaningful warranty for a 21 year old Ford. Secondly, I always suggest an Engineers report be done on the car and in the event of an issue being raised, I offer to pay for the remedy AND the Report. To date never had to pay a penny. Lastly, I try to eliminate as far as humanly possible any known issues with my cars before they get to my website. I go beyond the call of duty in fact.

I have a list of past and present owners who are willing to give testimony as to the condition of my cars if required. If that doesn't give peace of mind then I don't know what will.

Ed: My regular MOT chappie made me laugh recently. He said that he found someone in the garage had booked a D reg car in for MOT at 4.30p.m. and he thought to himself, 'Oh no not a 'nail' this late in the day - I'll never finish on time'. Then he saw it was a Dr Brooklands Capri 280 and he said, 'That's OK - I like his cars!' Quote of the day from him "Don't know why I even bothered to put it on the ramp - it's like it just came off the assembly line"

NB - you just have to remember when all is said and done - it's a 21 year old Ford Capri that was not a hand finished car. When you realise that - it makes my Capri 280's seem even more amazing.


Overseas Buyer Info

I am aware that if you live outside the U.K. and wish to buy one of my rare Capri 280's you will almost certainly incur import duites and various taxes according to how your beloved Revenue and Customs people value the car at date of importation.

As much as I sympathise with you there's nothing I can do to minimse this 'feature' of taking a car to your country of residence.

All I would ask is that you explore this aspect before purchase as I cannot in any way take export/import charges in account when negotiating the selling price of my Capri 280.

I will do anything I can to asist but it's worth noting that these cars are an asset worth investing in and.... once you've bitten the bullet and got it - you'll forget all the costs once you are cruising around the countryside in a Legend!!



See Your Capri 280 page





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