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I aim to publish some helpful links to other sites. Brooklands280.com does not necessarily support or vet everything that these sites promote but generally I hope you will find them of interest.

Wheel balancing - best in Wales??

Mustoe's Tyres, Car and Body shop

I'm fussy. If I have a slight imbalance on my car I have to nail it. With the best will in the world some tyre and wheel fitting places can't always balance out a wheel properly. Recently I put 4 brand new alloys (good ones, BMW approved) and 4 new Vredestein tyres on my 645. They looked the biz. However, at 64-72mph the whole car shook. Like a dodgy propshaft or something. I mean it couldn't have been the new wheels and tyres could it?

Well, after double checking and re-balancing the wheels at my usual depot - still as bad. So to save wasted workshop time I did some research and found a Hunter GSP9700 RoadForce balancing machine. I suggest you research this machine.

The only place in South Wales with such a machine was Mustoe's Car and Body shop in Caldicott Gwent. Booked the car in and met with Eddie Mustoe and his crew. A friendly start and good chat about the Hunter Alignment and balancer convinced me I was at the right place.

After finding out my rear wheels had excessive toe-out we set to doing the rear balancing. I guessed the fronts were fine as no feedback through steering.

We spun the rears with my existing weights on - as we suspected the balance was OK-OK double zero. What? No imbalance? Wait - we were only half done. Then the Road Force did it's 'thing' and turned the wheel and tyre against the rolling road drum with a ton of force. Lo and behold - a hard spot on the new tyre went 105% off the scale. The Hunter then tells you to mark the tyre, then the alloy with the optimum positioning for best fitment.

Off comes the wheel and tyre to the Ravaglioli tyre changer - this device like a robot unseats the tyre bead and then spins the wheel whist gripping the tyre to align the white marks.

Back to the Hunter RoadForce - check again - 45% in the green showed the tyre and wheel were in sync. Then balance with minimal weights. Looking good.

Repeat process for the other wheel.

Fitted on car and road test - PERFECTION all shudder gone not even a tremble.

Moral of the story? No other machine in existence can do what the Hunter RoadForce can do - no matter what your local tyre fitter says, and no matter how much lead they fit - it's impossible to index your tyre and wheel, even if brand new without a Road Force test.

I've been having my wheels balanced for over 40 years. I've probably put up with shakes, shimmies, vibrations etc thinking propshaft and all sorts - without knowing that indexing your tyre to the wheel was essential.

So, credit where it's due - Mustoe's have taken the time, trouble and expense to install the best equipment in the UK - it pays off!!

And yes it's worth finding a Hunter 9700 near you or travel the extra miles to Mustoes anyway - the journey back will put a smile on your face!

Tel: 01291 421900

Mustoes Specialist Cars, Body and Tyres

Hauser Racing

Hauser Racing for all your custom and standard axle requirements

Click logo for link to website.


Top class people who treat you like equals.


Sorted my latest issue out in less than 2 hours - awesome!!

Motorparks.co.uk Ford


A very useful link to Ford dealers that from time to time get Capri's

into stock.

(Brooklands280.com has no affiliation to Motorparks. Brooklands280.com has no affiliation to any of the dealerships listed opposite and as such has no involvement in any of their Capri stock. Brooklands280 has no responsibility for the availability or quality and provenance of any Capri stock belonging to Motorparks and their affiliates)

Motorparks.co.uk Ford

Over 3,500 used Ford cars in stock, click here to browse the full selection of used cars or visit any of the Ford showrooms below:

Ford Ashford, The Parade, Orbital Park, Ashford, TN24 0HT

Ford Canterbury, 59 - 61 Sturry Rdm Canterbury, CT1 1DR

Ford Croydon, 2 Imperial Way, Purley Way, Croydon, CR0 4RR

Ford Thanet, Westwood, 414 Margate Road, Ramsgate, CT12 6SJ


*Motorparks.co.uk do not currently have any Capri models in stock, we'll keep you posted when they do.*

Ford Capri Techical Data Sheets: http://www.motorparks.co.uk/technical-data/ford-capri-(1984-1987)


Find out what this Government is doing to you the motorist.





TAMAR Capri Club

( click )

Custom exhausts?

( click )

Pro-Speed Exhausts

If you want a top rated custom made exhaust system for your ride - then why not give ProSpeed Exhausts a call? Ask for Charlie, the local hero of motoring enthusiasts in Cardiff. Oh yes, and tell him Brooklands280 sent you - might get a discount.

ProSpeed do all Dr Brookands exhaust work - custom and standard

Have more than just a Capri 280 illustration, have it look like your
Capri by adding your reg plate onto the artwork for that personal
Keep checking out my site as new car art is becoming available all the


Want the best powder coating done for your bumpers, axles, brackets, wheels whatever? Then try Chris or Julian at Castle Coatings. If they're good enough for Dr B - they'll be good enough for you I'm sure!

When you call - don't forget to mention Brooklands280.com - you might even get a discount!

The Car Experience

( click )


One of the top sites around for choosing your classic and not so classic car - try The Car Experience and see what you can find. It's like a whole new, er, experience......


Ever been in financial crisis? Heading that way? Know somebody who is?

Click here and begin the resolution process immediately with free first class professional help, no profits, no hidden agendas - just your interests at heart.

UK Best Small Company to Work For - 2 years running.



Caerphilly Metal Polishers


Caerphilly Metal Polishers

Who does Dr B recommend for wheel and all metal polishing?

Well, Paul at Caerphilly Metal Polishers.

He does car wheels, bike wheels and anything else that will polish up!

(actual wheels of mine that he's done)

Unit 1, Rhos Industrial Estate Bedwas Road CF83 3AU
Tel: 02920 867837


ps tell Paul that Brooklands280 sent you.







Classic Cars

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For the latest adverts on Classic Cars

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Capri280 Register

( click )

For the history and record of many 280's

New Capri280 Register website

click here




Classic Cars - Online Classic Car Mag

( click )

For the latest on Classic Cars in an Online Magazine format

Click images









Have I missed your link? Let me know if I've not reciprocated with a link to your site in the upgrade process.

If you want your Capri or Classic Ford site or page listed here - just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. If you are a commercial entity there will be a small annual fee. But remember this site gets over 100 hits a day from Ford Classic Car enthusiasts, particularly those interested in Capri 280's.






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