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Little Brother is far scarier than Big Brother - he just creeps along at the pace of a glacier and before you know it - your done!

Don't forget that when the government (we elected these people to represent us didn't we?) force us to fit the 'Black Box' in our vehicles they won't be just for charging for every mile. The box based on Sat Nav technology will record each road you travel along, your actual speed, average speed and whether you stop on yellow lines, overtake on white lines, stop on zig-zags etc etc. By the end of a single journey you could be faced with several speeding fines, road charging, tolls, Congestion Charging, breach of yellow lines and so on. Think I'm making it up? THE SPY IN YOUR CAR (But at least all the fines will go straight out on your Direct Debit that you'll have to voluntarily set-up for the Government coffers - thus gaining a discount for prompt payment!) Costs of up to £1.34 per mile are suggested.

Plus to deter us from using certain roads on Public Holidays or at big events - well the price per mile will just be increased hugely for that day - so you either don't travel or you pay again, and again.............. Not true I hear you say. Wasn't the London Congestion charge initially set to be £5?, then it went up to £8 - now KL wants £25 for Gas Guzzlers (that includes anything with emissions over say 190 not just the Chelsea Tractor) and the Green Party want it at £50 to force you off the road. Once the means of charging us is fitted and working - watch for relentless and exponential increases in the levy. The plans for all this are hatched in Brussels (by the un elected) and being swallowed hook, line and sinker by our elected government.

And don't think for a moment that you can anonymously drive from A to B and home again. If there's an RTA or any incident that occurred on your route the data transmitted to Government HQ will immediately show you were there or passing (or involved! not a bad thing) - so expect a knock at your door for interview. No use denying it they can put you within 3 feet of any incident anywhere in the UK and Europe. Now that's OK for an RTA or similar but when there is an incident involving assaults or worse in the vicinity of where you were driving - you will be pulled as a witness or for elimination purposes - but either way your details will be on file regarding the case - and all you were doing was driving back from Tesco's................

That trip to your 'Lodge', Club, church, Mosque or 'certain' hotel etc will be nicely logged and so will the details of every other car that was at the same place as you............................ Of course no-one is suggesting that the information will be interpreted by people in offices with tinted glass windows, I mean surely no-one is interested in where you go and who with are they? No, this scheme is obviously just for our 'benefit and to ease congestion around the country - and could be cheaper than current road tax'.................... Phew! that's OK then - isn't it?

Boy, if I only lived in a Democracy.........................................

Anyway, in the meantime sleep well, don't have nightmares will you - remember that the instance of state crimes against the motorist are still quite small despite what you've seen on Crime Watch UK tonight...........................


ONLINE POLL - Well the protest from the British public was just over 1.8 million against the Spy in Your Car. Blair and his cohorts dismissed our protest as 'ill-informed' and 'based on myths'. You know the Govt is desperate to tax us more when the largest petition in British history is dismissed with the swipe of a greasy, sticky hand.

Blair said when pressed on the spy and stealth tax issue 'It's definitely not" which rather tells me it definitely IS.

You just know that once the Spy is in your car it will be a 'point of no return'. Your every move and every mile and your average speed will be logged to cripple your motoring enjoyment. Yes it is still enjoyable.
The car is not just about getting to work is it? If that was the case I couldn't care about pay by the mile. I use my cars for 90% social domestic and pleasure. I don't want the government robbing me of my money each time we go out for a spin or to a Show etc etc.

The Govt says it will only charge to ease Congestion! Most of the Congestion I see is always around roadworks, LA controlled Traffic Light systems and Bus Lanes. Each time the traffic lights are switched off at our numerous roundabouts locally, the traffic flow immediately speeds up and there are no tailbacks..........

Did you know that ACPO - The Assoc of Chief Police Officers have already applied to be able to 'kill the engines' of vehicles that they want stopped? So what does that tell you about this system?


Far from being a passive money grubbing system, it will have the potential to:-

1. clock every mile you go and logged the route.
2. record your actual and average speed.
3. control your engine management system for the police in the first instance - then for the DVLA, then for Local Authorities, then for the Wheel Clampers and then, and then...................... ergo - if you have an unpaid fine, or your car is untaxed (yeah they still want your VEL money) or the police think you were involved in something - POP goes your engine and you will have no car to use.
4. Brussels wants to control your brakes from their super computer also.

But it's just to 'ease congestion' and you know how everyone is up in arms about, er, congestion? Didn't you know it's worse than AIDS and H5N1? - Well it must be given the frenzy to get a tax on our every last inch of free movement in the UK - and for UK read Europe - bang goes your drive to the Continent because you love to cruise down the Mosel and Rhine Valley or through Northern France on the way to Spain - that would cost you about £5,000 just for you weeks holiday.

Still let's be honest if you were a grey suited, chinless non-elected wonder could you come up with a better idea to take people's disposable income, monitor their every move, issue penalties by the bucket load AND get the mugs to pay for it themselves - a stroke of Orwellian genius yes?

You just know they will spout the good old Noble Cause and Fear Factor to steam-roller over your wishes - i.e. ID cards to combat Global Terror and Green Taxes because Global Warming (yeah right) then it'll be Spy Money Grubber devices to 'ease congestion'.

They always need Noble Cause to drive something through Parliament and to get the Greenies, Lefties and Liberals voting for it. Remember the "Speed Kills!" moral blackmail adverts? Well we all know that Speed per se doesn't kill or else every F1 driver, MotoGP rider and Superbike rider would of course be dead.

That seems to suggest that 'inappropriate speed might kill' but not that Speed Kills. There must be an element of speed in any RTA otherwise no-one would be moving, thus, speed is involved - but to bolster their flimsy argument they scream 'SPEED KILLS! See Noble Cause to justify GATSO, Laser, SPECS, and next will be the Cats Eye Camera's - all in the name of safety you understand.

The bottom line is all governments are running up such huge debts and overspending on dubious and ill-thoughout projects that they will do anything to bleed us dry of more disposable income. This is a cracking way to go about it. Be honest.

The two last bastions of freedom are 1. Cash and 2. travel.

They are out to slowly but surely kill off cash (cash is your ability to deal in the market place without your information being made known to numerous government and non-government organisations). This will happen through increased use of FDPOS (Financial Debit at Point Of Sale). Also internet banking and of course the good old Card and Chip. Don't get me started on micro-chip implants.........

Next will be the total surveillance of your movements and charging us for the privilege by use of Spy in Cab devices.

Once these are in place your freedom as such will just be a memory. The Govt this week said that 'we have nothing to fear and it's all about reducing congestion and it's not another stealth tax'. If you believe that you'll have ignore the 66 extra taxes that have been levied on us in the past few years. And when they renege on that statement you will have absolutely no recourse - you will just pay up and moan down the pub. When your freedom 'is gone - it's gone' - as they say down the street markets. And I would rather trust Del Boy with my motoring future.

Please don't take my word - use your own research and watch what is happening daily. You'd be really alarmed if you knew what they were planning that they haven't leaked yet!!

In the meantime enjoy what's left of your motoring freedoms and of course get in touch to buy a Dr Brooklands 280.




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