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Why not advertise your Capri Brooklands on this page. Fill in the contact form. I will then contact you, so that payment can be arranged.







Ford Capri 2.0S




Wanted a Ford Capri 2.0S must be very good condition. If it looks like this red one I bought a few years ago then all the better.

Cardinal red with or without vinyl roof. Preferably low miles - I know!...


If you have such a car to sell please contact me at Brooklands280.com via email address - doctor@brooklands280.com


Wanted a Ford Capri 280 Brooklands front and rear seats.

Hasn't got to be show condition as long as the seat and cushion centres (perforated sections are in good condition)

Door cards NOT needed just the leather seats. Thanks


If you have any to sell please contact me at Brooklands280.com via email address - doctor@brooklands280.com



Capri 280

1. Capri 280 - unregistered - client waiting

2. Capri 280 - less than 5000 miles- client waiting

3. Capri 280 less than 10,000 miles - client waiting

4. Capri 280 less than 25000 miles client waiting

Please use Contact Page for getting in touch with me. Thanks

ps Finders fee of £300 for info leading to a purchase.

Capri 2.8 Injection


Wanted - Ford Capri 2.8i Regency Red. must be a really good car. Not restored. Unmolested. Money waiting for right car. will be 1986 / 87 model. thanks Tel 07974 000857


Capri Perana V8


Wanted - Ford Capri Perana - must be genuine Basil Green model made in Johanesburg South Africa. Must have chrome RoStyle wheels and not been hacked about. Preferably the car will already be UK registered or at least imported already to UK.

Top money, cash waiting for the right car. Email Doctor B via this website. Customer waiting with cash right now.

Capri mk1 heated rear window

Looking urgently for a very good Capri mk1 heated rear window. Will travel to collect. Tel 07974 000857




Wanted item :


Item description:



MK3 body mouldings

Needed - rear nearside 1/4 body moulding - rub strip. New preferred or mint. thanks Tel 07974 000857


Capri 280 Turbo Technics

Wanted -Capri 280 Turbo Technics - must be original TT fitted at time of sale. Low miles please. Waiting to collect anywhere, anytime. Call 07974 000857.



Capri 280

WANTED Immediately. Capri 280 with sub 10,000, 50,000 miles. Must be mint or virtually mint. Right money waiting for right car. Call me ASAP please. Tel 07974 000857


Capri 2.8i or 280 Turbo Technics 230 bhp version Wanted urgently - Capri 280 - Turbo Technics 230 bhp version. Should be a pre-reg fitment ideally. Also sub 30000 miles. call 07974 000857
Tyres Tyres Pirelli P7 size 195/50x15 as per original Capri 280 - will buy between 1 and 4 of these if poss Pirelli P700-Z 195/50x15 - need two of these - pref brand new or very low miles










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