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Capri 280 - What's the point?

I mean why bother to have one of these cars?

Surely it's just an old Ford isn't it? 22 years old to be exact.

Is it the colour? A sort of green / blue / magenta / silver / black / cyan that when mixed becomes Brooklands Green?

Is it the full Recarro leather interior? All that leather which makes the car feel like a supercar inside?

Could it be that V6 2.8i engine that growls rather gorgeously when you accelerate away? Even the sounds through those Janspeeds that makes you

tempted to drop a gear as you go through a built up street?


Is it the long bonnet and front wings that give you something to ogle as you drive instead of those modern drop-away front ends that you can't see even if you press your nose against the windscreen?

It must be those 15 inch Ford Motorsport alloys then? Simple but beautifully sculptured. No?

That Retro feel inside and out - a blast from the hey day of British motoring history?

Those subtle white and red pin stripes? That sexy Capri 280 logo?

I know it's actually washing and polishing the car? Yes, got it - that's a great stress reliever innit? No?


What about that 2 door hatch-back then - bigger doors that mean access and egress is a delight. That quality thump as the doors close? Maybe?

Sunroof - tilt and slide? Great for sunny days and even wet days if you go quick enough the water flies right over the top!

Ah! I know - it's when you've had a tough week at work, a bad day at the office, a garbage day working out your home finances or even a row

with your beloved........... who's there to soothe you? who's there to say 'Come out with me and I'll take your mind off all those nasty things in the

news? Credit Crunch? Credit Smunch!!

It's that little voice that says - 'Let's go for a spin - you know it makes sense, petrol? Pah!, Speed Cameras? Knickers! "Caution - Show Dogs in

Transit"? - Ha! - Come with me for a little hour and I'll make you feel great again.' 'I'll make all those heads turn for you, I'll get my reflection just

right in those big shop windows, I'll burble away to your hearts content, and then when we stop for an ice-cream I'll attract all those people who

say, "We used to have a Laser you know......." (Oh, just suck it up - it brings them a little pleasure for them to see your 280 in all it's pristine glory)

Could be it's just that on a trip to Scotland and back you'll never see another car just like your 280?

So, I guess it's some if not all of those things eh?

What's that you say? You don't have a Capri 280? You've never experienced any of the above? I'm sorry to hear that.

Better put it right and give the Doctor a call.........................

ps took some of my own medicine yesterday and had a wonderful hour just me and my mistress, er, 280)

If you're not careful there'll come a day when the moment will have passed and you'll never get to have the car of your dreams - the worst that can happen is you have lived it out for a while then pass it on to someone else who's thinking what you're thinking right now - you are aren't you?





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