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A few folk have asked if they can trace particular Capri's that have either passed on or stillroaming the A and B roads of the land.

So for starters here's a few.

If you know ehere they are or even own - then please make contact via this site. Your details will be kept private but the previous owners would just love to know 'Where they are now'!




Previously owned by Ford Motor Company - and they're asking - 'where is she'?

Also owned by Ford - any offers?

A Capri 280 Turbo Reg D280 DLR - sold around 1990 to a gent in North West London. Dropped out of sight now and shown as unlicensed at DVLA. Anyone?? If you know just let Steve Linden know - he used to drive this car way back in 1986/7. Call Steve on 01923850530


A Capri 280 Reg E570 PFR- sold around 1998 to a gent in Scotland. Anyone?? He would love to find out if his beloved 280 is still alive. If you know just call Matt Hale - Call Matt on 07733081937

Capri 280 Looking for my old 280 reg number E921 TCY sold about 1993 in Bridgend area South Wales to a gent from Pontypridd. Any news just let me know Andy 01646693695

Capri 280 - Reg number E250 RTX - previously owned by Andy Wardell - sold in 1995 with 22000 miles on. Andy would love to know where it is now. If you know give him a call on 07852 720494 or email me on this site.

Capri 3.0S - I had a white 3.0S KGB 145T some years ago does anyone know if its still in one piece? Cheers Brian 07811284302

Capri 280 - Michael would love to know how his old 280 is doing - sold with about 49000 miles on - if you know please contact Michael - 07984 791741 drummo13@sky.com

Capri 280 - Mick would love to hear from whoever owns his old 280 Reg: E146VWG - Call Mick on 01909 515796 or email masseng@aol.co.uk













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