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Your capri 280

Want to register your car and have it listed here? Click here to fill out the form.

NB THE SUBMISSION FORM IS STILL NOT LIVE YET (Contacts page is working fine) - JUST NOTE THE HEADINGS ON THE REGISTRATION FORM AND SEND ME AN EMAIL TO doctor@brooklands280.com in the meantime.

This is a new section dedicated to your own Capri 280.

To feature your car here and share some background history just complete the submission form and fire it off to me. Make sure your pictures are no bigger than 600x400 pixels please.

There are many folk around the world who just love to read about the Capri 280 and who maybe can never own one for whatever reason - so your input can bring a load of pleasure to the global Capri 280 fan club.

If you have any suggestions to improve this section let me know.


Jon's Capri 280 the worlds only G Registered Capri 280 - who's G Reg? Dr B's that's who!
Year of Reg : 1989
Reg Plate D, E, F or G : G
Miles: 25,000
Build number : 833
How long owned : 6 years
Brief history:

"I bought the car in December 2001. It had 1 owner before that. He bought it
from Dees of Croydon. Apparently it was left in the showroom as this dearlership
wouldn't reduce the price to sell it so it remained until 20/11/89. I have
the following with the car:

Original factory manufacture docket
Original dealers assurance certificate
Stamped up service book from 14/3/90 to 28/11/01 with 9 stamps
Copies of service / repair / MOT receipts
MOT's from 1997 (but copies of MOT receipts from 1992)
It is still on Pirelli P7's - original I believe.

Mods or restoration work: None!
Favourite moment: Telling Dr Brooklands I owned the only G Reg 280!
Favourite roads: Any in the West country
Consider selling? Who knows...................
Region/location: Somerset
About you: I have 3 capris, and always on the lookout for more - got to be a 2.8 injection or 280 though! (Ed - sounds like we need to talk)
Why I love my 280 : Well, its the G reg innit! - (Ed: Nuff said!)


Chris Coppins Capri 280
Year of Reg : 1987
Reg Plate D, E, F or G : D
Miles: 118,500
Build number : 546
How long owned : 9 years
Brief history: "found it in a garage not been used for years and rotten as a pair. spent 9 months doing it up in my spare time. and used it for 8 years as my main car. now its my second car and I need to use it more because I miss it"
Mods or restoration work: Loads!
Favourite moment: when its raining lol
Favourite roads: all of them especially the roads with the signs that are white with a black line through them lol
Consider selling? Not on yer life!
Region/location: Cheshire
Trophies: best Capri of the day at Talon Park Knutsford Cheshire
Why I love my 280 : it just fits like an old glove


Tim Bates Capri 280's
Year of Reg : 1987 and 1987
Reg Plate D, E, F or G : D & E
Miles: 50,000 and 19,900
Build number :  
How long owned : 6 months
Brief history: "Always been nuts on scooters - yes that right scooters. When I saw the first Capri 280 for sale I had to go and have a look. Liked it so much I bought it. Then after a few months I saw another one that was just as smashing and I went and had a look and I bought it. Now I've got two of the best looking 280's in the land. I think I've seen another one.......
Mods or restoration work: Just new paint and re-Connollised leather - awesome!
Favourite moment: when people, complete strangers stop me and ask if the car is for sale.
Favourite roads: anywhere in the dry
Consider selling? How much you offering matey?
Region/location: West Mids
Trophies: maybe
Why I love my 280 :

Coz they're unique and they're crowd pullers. A touch of classic gold.



Chris Beament's Capri 280
Year of Reg : 1987
Reg Plate D, E, F or G : E Reg
Miles: 122,000
Build number : 438
How long owned : 6 years
Brief history: This is the car the Capri Owners Club had as first prize in
a raffle some years back to reward one of the club members who had
introduced a new member to the club by way of an under windscreen calling card. It's had plenty of owners, I'm its tenth. I bought the car from Kevin Whitmore Cars just north of Ely for £3,500 and in the time I've had it, I've done about 10,000 miles in it. Having previously owned three other capris, this one was "the ultimate" one and after the test drive I had to buy it! I have pretty much kept it as a second car for special occasions and have an Escort XR3i as a knockabout ( yes I know hairdresser's ) car these days. Its most recent upgrade has been a new set of alloys from the owners club while I look into getting the original ones repaired.
Mods or restoration work: I don't know if the bodykit was put on subsequently but by the time it was raffled it certainly had it. I've kept it despite the car receiving two replacement (original, one new, one s/hand) wings and a respray two years back. The engine was completely rebuilt last summer. Various other parts have been replaced as needed, remains in otherwise totally original condition.
Favourite moment: Has to be driving it back from its respray, it had been
away for fifteen months, a very long wait indeed!
Favourite roads: Locally to me a narrow national speed limit road to the
first village nearby which gives just enough of a thrill every time I
drive it.
Consider selling? er no
Region/location: East Anglia/Cambridge
Trophies: I have a few with my local football team but none for my driving
or for the car!
Why I love my 280 :

Simple, it's a Capri and a very nice one at that!

About me : I'm 40, a self employed violin maker and repairer who teaches
violin making half the week to amateurs. My business sponsors a local
football team which I used to play for and still help run now including
maintaining the club's website and being treasurer and fixtures secretary.
I support Derby County and England but fortunately my local team wins quite a bit to compensate me for the other teams! I have three main passions in life, football, music and Capris!
Dave Noble's Capri 280
Year of Reg : 1987
Reg Plate D, E, F or G : DReg
Miles: 77,750
Build number : 376
How long owned : 4 months as at 4th Nov 2006
Brief history: This car spent most of it's life in the home counties with a previous owner who eventually had the car in storage for almost 10 years. 2 years ago a local business man bought the car as an investment and drove it up to the north of Scotland. The car was kept as an investment and was rarely driven until it was put up for sale in summer 2006. I spotted it for sale on a classic car website and having been hunting for a 2.8 for a year or so I snapped it up. I owned a variety of Capris through the 80s-90s selling my last one - a Paris Blue Special in 93
Mods or restoration work: The car has had a full respray at some point in it life but all the panels are original. The original alloys have been refurbished and are in perefect condition. The bumpers have been powdercoated. The interior has been returned to standard with a new dash and original Ford radio/cassette. The exhaust is the only non standard part. It's a very loud CCI performance system
Favourite moment: Starting the car for the first time and hearing those exhausts again. Almost any drive in the car will involve either other drivers or perdestrians showing interest. So many people want to look at the car or tell you about their Capri experiences. It's great
Favourite roads: The one right outside my house. It takes me to the Cairngorms 40 miles away. A nice drive !
Consider selling? unlikely
Region/location: Aberdeen Scotland
Trophies: Not shown yet
Why I love my 280 :

Soft spot for the Capri goes back to my first car - a Capri. I stuck with them for years upgrading through the various models. I never quite made it to the top of the range - until now.

About me : Late 30s. Manager in a large national communications company. Have a young family so don't get to drive the 280 nearly as often as I should. Always had an interest in cars






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